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A person that cannot successfully construct a sentence or hold a conversation.
Raam: Hey kirst

Kirst: Fuck shit Matt Behr Crap Shit Emo 12 inch tunnels

Steve: Mad
by Sexy June 02, 2004
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Rock hard, amaaaaaaaaazing, cute and one hell of a sexy bitch!!!
Wow check out the legs on her, she's such a Kirsty!!
by Sinnocence October 17, 2004
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A Kirst is someone, normally female, who is very clingy and needy. A Kirst will not allow her man to so much as look at another chick, even if that chick is a friend. Upon so much as looking at another chick, a Kirst will go into stupidity overdrive and insinuate that you are cheating, an asshole, etc. Kirsts are also prone to self-loathing and misanthropy. A Kirst will generally spend 3/4 of their day bringing themselves, and everyone around them, down.
Girl: You're cheating on me, aren't you?!
Guy: She's... been my friend for years...
Girl: OMG, I knew it!
Guy: Fuck, stop being such a Kirst. -_-
by Kamiwut June 17, 2010
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Very sxc llama.
Stupid can opener piece o crap..It trapped my soup in there forever!
by santa June 02, 2004
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Kirst is an expression used to describe someone who pretends they have a pet cat to be cool and fit in with society.

A 'kirst' can usually be detected because they unneccarily bring up their make believe cat into a conversation. This is all part of their attempt to make their elaborate lie believable.
Girl: Wow that rainbow looks so lovely

Kirst: yes me and my cat looked at YouTube videos of rainbows last night
Girl: stop being such a kirst. I accept you without a cat!
Kirst: I do have a cat called Harvey!
by Klippityklop December 09, 2013
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