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An even larger idiot or menace than a shit head, as his head rests up that which is shit.
Look at that group of shit necks...I'd like to knock them out.
by slickster September 18, 2003
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a person or persons that are involved in unlawful activity, or shady activity,
in Iraq a Shitneck is what we call and insurgent, or Unknown Extremist

"hey were getting ready to go RAID these shitnecks house tonight"
"some shitneck just stole my last can of snuff"
by robert numerick March 16, 2008
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Poeople who have strong faces. they sometimes drink warm cans of Bush on their front porch, and do impressions of a retarted kid with horrible breath. ususally this person will have a crumb on their eyelid that they refuse to chew, and they always have a daughter, and they make sure you know it.
Jesus Christ, let's get the fuck outta here. Shitneck Tom's coming around the corner.
by Wally Tabarelli September 11, 2007
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the type of person who would would lend you money then fuck your girlfriend for payment.
that dude's a REAL shitneck
by sick December 15, 2003
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Rockabilly types who have taken the tattooing very very far.So far, it has run up their necks. Usually with the stereotypical "swallows", "nautical stars" or.. "your X's name"

When Social D was playing Street Scene this year, the
Shit Necks were out in full force!
Man, His neck has so much shit on it!
by aGGona November 28, 2007
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n. - Insult to any dark-skinned people, but can also be used when a stupid chick cuts in front of you on the freeway.
(chick cuts me off, I roll down my window and stick my head out) SHITNECK!!!
by cathrynRules February 11, 2004
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