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An unholy concoction that Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown wants to feed to sportswriters in the 1989 baseball classic, Major League.
I'm for wasting sportswriters' time. So I figured we ought to hang around for a while and see if we can give 'em all a nice big shit burger to eat!
by T Ryan August 03, 2011
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when everything that could go wrong does, and it happens all at once. the layers of shit just keep piling on up, and you're just gonna have to eat it.
if your' house burns down, you catch a cold, it's exam week, your mother goes to the hospital, and your best friend get's in a car wreck, you say, "I'm eating a huge shit burger with everything on it".
by wormy wino December 10, 2006
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When toilet paper is already in the loo and you shit on top of that. Then you cover your shit with toilet paper and you have a shit burger.
My friend told me he is doing a shit burger.
by Acid2606 August 04, 2016
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An angry, often violent outburst while drunk caused by pent up negative emotions over events that occured between 3 - 10 years in the past.
Stand back, John is having a shitburgers.

Jeez, I wonder what stupid event from the last few years caused this shitburgers?
by fungal_intersections January 21, 2013
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when someone has bad breath you ask them if the shit burger they had for lunch came with a soft drink
talker: blah blah blah bluh blah.....
you: didn't the "shit burger" you had for lunch come with a soft drink to wash it down?
talker: Ha HA HA very funny asshole.
you: whoa!...easy on the HA HA ass breath that crab
trap smells worse than a fishermans warf!!
by Kyle Prosko March 18, 2007
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An alias for the 2009 PC Game title "Wolfenstein" which is universally considered the worst and most poorly designed of all in the legacy of the Wolfenstein property. Design and implementation by Raven software, most specifically lead designer Eric Biessman, many who have since called for an industry blacklist of his engagement on any future game titles.
Dude don't bother with Shitburger; Raven Software doesn't know what they are doing and Eric Biessman belongs in a different vocation.
by LODE777 October 23, 2011
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The only fast food burger place in a small town. The term shit burger can be confusing if there's more than one burger place. Unless one place is better than the other, making the shitty one shit burger by default. But then why would you go there, unless it's open later than the good place.
Felix: You hunger?
Tyson: Yeah.
Felix: Where you wanna eat?
Tyson: how about shit burger?
Felix: Sure, whatever.
by Stash_Master August 12, 2006
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