General insult to anyone with below intelligence or general dislike. Commonly changed to 'Shit girl' or any other such word in the English slang 'dictionary'. E.g: 'Chicken boy!' or 'Curry Boy!' (also first word should be spoken with extended syllables.)
'What you doing this weekend?' 'Nothing with you Shit boy!'
by CheekyPotato October 06, 2011
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George W Bush, now that the balance of power is in effect.
Hey shit boy, I got your order of crow here, wanna toss my salad with that?
by Blaze_afire November 09, 2006
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The 'slang' name given to being a shelf stacker / general dogs body at Sainsburys / Tesco and so on.

The role used to include (and may still, as a breach of health & safety) having to collapse the cardboard packaging & literally climb into the large bin containers to compact it down!

See also 'McJob' for other equally shite low IQ jobs.
"So what's your job then?"
"I stack shelves at Somerfields"
"Oh, so you're a shit boy then!"
by hypersonic November 30, 2007
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'Shit-boy' is a term to acknowledge surprise or shock to any situation. It can be used in an extensive range of circumstances, from mocking a friend that has done something trivial, to a response upon hearing the gravest of news. The tone of delivery, facial expressions and relationship are essential to the perception of sincerity/ use of the term.
A group of friends arrive at the airport to go on holiday.
"I forgot my passport"
Inhale and sympathetic.."..shit boy".

An outstandingly attractive group of girls walk past in the street.
A glance to your friend and a cheeky smile.."Shit-boy".
by Gary Gascoigne March 12, 2011
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Shit Job Boy or SJB for short, the guy who always gets the job nobody wants to do and is automatically given any said shit job while everyone else breathes a sigh of relief.
There are 300 cracked sewer pipes to weld this week the shit job boy is going to be busy this week.
by Drunk Wizzard December 08, 2021
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response to discourse on cunnilingus from darker complected male.

-this USED to be the prevailing attitude of MANY african derived males. in recent years, the value of this (cunnilingus) has become more appreciated as an adjunct
compared to the sole application (and value) of the ramming penis!?. -many women simply do not "get off" from penile stimulation...

it has become MOST DEFINITELY valuable in exchange for the male "blow"...the "setting off" of a woman can NEVER be a bad (or "wrong") thing!!.

after years of encountering this sentiment, (that shit wrong, boy!) it was a breath of fresh air when i heard a black guy telling me, "my women NEVER leave man!", i said why? he just 'slurped' his tongue and lips...i started laughing like HELL!!
la teesha will do anything i want!! -whys' that, main?? (slurp,slurp!!) -response: that shit wrong, boy!

that shit wrong! is WRONG!, boy!!
by michael foolsley March 06, 2011
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