1. to slip, slide or glide
2. an awesome women but with some kinky ideas that could be left out sometimes
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A small minded person stuck in a small town. To have zero Insight or enlightened perspective. To be completely self absorbed to the point of blindly engaging with losers dipshits.
I should go to college..I dont want to end up A shirl.
by JusticeComes4usAll September 19, 2019
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The abstract sport of snake bating. Two teams of five form a circle around a snake, grasping in each hand the wrist a member of the opposing team, so as to alternate. The object is to pull a member of the opposite team directly in front of the snake, so as to provoke it into biting him or her. The game continues until only one member of one team remains uncapacitated, thus winning the game for his or her team. The sport was first conceived of by the "Kids in the Hall."
-One day, shirling will be as popular as monster trucks.
by 2_much_time_4_me June 30, 2005
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Short for 'Shirley Temple'. A term given to an effeminate, young male who enjoys musical theater, Glee and living at home with his mom. He will always want to know what's going on but tunes off when people talk to him. He doesn't get jokes and is a bit slow, autistic. His clothes are always two sizes too small making him look like he is dressed up in a younger sisters clothes.
Shirl, you are gona get sooooo butt-raped if you leave the house in that jersey.
by jizzil manizzil February 22, 2012
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Shirl-Ann is a nice person, but she does get mad easily. She is sweet and loving but if you hurt her one time, her trust is gone. She is an easily jealous person and has no patience.

Shirl-Ann will fight anyone who hurts her family and her lover. She has trust issues and doesn't trust much people. If she trust you, then your a keeper.

She normally has a friend group of 4 people and she loves people who makes her laugh. Most Shirl-Ann's are trustworthy. They don't like fake rumor's about her or anyone else.

If you date a Shirl-Ann, then your fucking lucky. She doesn't like much people so keep her close to you at all times.
"Is that a shirl-ann!??"
by Gwen Stacey My Mom August 20, 2022
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