Refers to the past tense act of extruding faeces in the same way shitted does, but is used to imply that the subject, whether the person oneself, or another person/object displays qualities of mental deficiency.
The girl was so attractive that when I saw her face I shidded my pants.
by yt:PaJeezy October 11, 2018
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y tf i shit my pants like what the fuck why am i now spreading it on my toast like wtf - Will smart
y tf will shidded like nogga buttchug?
by JORDON NIBINSKY February 04, 2019
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when a person does something very cool and swag and they deserve recognition
“bro!! that song was fucking fire. my man shidded on that beat”
by avotballs164 December 20, 2020
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ha i shidded and came and fard
bruh i shidded
by Quangs September 07, 2020
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Shid: originallly an ancient Japanese word, difficult translation but basically means "panty stains in the underpants". However the most important Shid today is Dr. Toshi Shid, a famous, experiental protologist, who lives in Tokyo and travels with his wife Mikina Shid throughout the world, lecturing on "The Shid Factor" (why certain anal cavities clog and how to un-clog them with various colonics and enemas using sake). When one simply says SHID within the academic centers of the world, it is clear: DOC SHID IS ARRIVING TO CLEAN OUT YOUR BOWELS! Mrs. Shid is the daughter of toilet paper magnet Ichiyanai Blee, and owns 57% of the toilet paper profits in Asia.
"Did you say SHID?" "Fuck yeh, he's lecturing in class and giving private enemas in his hotel suite. I'm booked for sure".

SHID is the name. SHID is the game.

I cannot get Shid out of my panties after that last exciting football game. Princess Peussie said to wash it out with warm beer, but that made the SHID MARKS even worse.
by Serena Schmidt January 17, 2011
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