They saying you say when you just shit your pants. The term can also be used as, "I just shit my pants".
Jerry: Hey Thom!
Thom: I shit my pants.
by Idon'tknowanymore July 3, 2020
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its like when you shit your pants but its not fake its for real
steve: you got a splatter on your pants, what does that mean?
dave: i shitted my pants i am for real
by therealdumpsterfire February 26, 2023
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1. something really amazing or unbeleivable happened.
2. you meant to fart, but you got more than you bargained for
ex.1 "I just shit my pants when I made that half-court shot."

ex.2 "Oh noes, I think I just shit my pants."
by noh0pe4me May 12, 2004
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An expression used to describe a feeling of being overwhelmed by something unnecessarily complicated or hard.
I can't let go of my ex because we have so many things in common and we have been in each other's lives for so long, but I really love you and want to build a future with you.

- Omg you are so hopeless! I want to shit my pants...
by little.piece.of.cow.poo April 28, 2018
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