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A shian is an awesome friend who will stick up for u if u need it she is loyal and doesn't let people mess with her friends and friend and family.

Shian can be rude at times and people don't like her to much but she doesn't really care.

She doesn't care what people think about her she's also weird but she embraces it she likes being different.

Be careful if u get on her bad side your screwed she likes using violence more than talking it out.

She is very strong and can take u out like that.she doesn't think she's pretty but she is guys are just to scared to talk to her she has a minimum about of friends.

If u see a shian make sure to not get on her bad side.
Random person 1:look its shian be careful don't mess with her

Random person:2why not

Random person 1:because she could do anything to u just don't mess with her

Random person 2: I was gonna talk to her but now im scared
by shi26 July 01, 2017
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Shian is an amazing girl who will turn sexy and a peng ting when she gets older she might be ugly but when she gets older she will be one of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen
have you seen that girl she's a shian
by FLEXING98 May 18, 2016
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a word meaning a raunchy bowl full of anal pudding that came from a pregnant cat while it was being pleased by a meerkat.
i gave my sister a shian and she threw up all over the floor.
by Igotchu January 12, 2010
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(n) A somewhat large sized nerdy merchant who often talks in n00bspeak.
hahahahahahah look it's Shian rofl ahahaha
by Teeheehee January 21, 2005
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