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A loving girl who is strong. Dresses in bright colours and is very shy and quiet, unless she is with her friends, then she will be silly and bright. If she does anything bold or does something that makes her feel awkward towards another person or situation, egnolage her for it because it took a lot of courage for her to do it.
Guy One: "Hey man, I think that Shiane girl was gazing at you in class yeasterday."
Guy Two: "She's pretty cute"
Guy One: "Ask her out then"
Guy Two: "I'll wait for her to ask me out"
Guy One: "She'll never do that, she's way to shy"
by icecreamissogood January 21, 2012
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A girl who wears brightly coloured hats and likes short guys. She's very unique and isn't afraid of anything.
"Hey! It's Shiane!"
"OMG! gimme!"
by ilovesushisushi January 07, 2012
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