the awesomest person alive. she is the shiznits. her favorite word might also be yo!
dude! your a total sheshe!
by shesherox October 10, 2008
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verb; to shesh, to be shesh, to have been sheshed

Being sideswiped with an unexpected comment or gesture. Unlike being teshed being sheshed lacks an emotional component.
Hey Man, I heard you got a new car. How is it?

Great, much better than yours.

Oh shit, I got mad sheshed!
by Magjee October 2, 2007
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Art of performing oral sex from a man to a next man
e.g. OMG, he looks as though he got a good sheshing
by jus4q December 5, 2013
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MIL watched my baby for the evening, so Mark and I had plenty of time to Shesh before bed.
by Brick Slabfist February 23, 2008
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Shesh=polish word to describe pain or torture in any way shape or form
For example: Emilia screamed shesh as Jessie pulled her in the darkess
by Bully_Maguire696969 April 10, 2020
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The act of drinking or smoking your sorrows away, doing this all night until the next morning, then you do it in the morning again. Take a shower, and try to live through the next day
I was so fucked last night, I Sheshed myself till the morning
by projectshesh November 22, 2017
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Shesh is big black beautiful cat he could kill u in one punch and his ass taste like reeses peanut butter cups
Shesh will eat u
by John macer October 29, 2019
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