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The man.
The big dog
The captain of the pirate ship.
The King of the jungle.
A man that knows all and does all, and usually sleeps with your mom.
by 00Sheriff February 11, 2007
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"Last Name" Origon English, Keeper of the woods, Keeper of the law as defined by parlement. The Definition of being the most awesome human being on the planet.
A man named Sheriff was shot in the line of duty.
by Mopey25 February 03, 2010
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When one inserts their fingers in a gun formation in the other person while also going down on them. Critical that no hole be ignored.
"omg I totally got sheriffed last night"

"he totally sheriffed me"

"please sheriff me"
by Ajkittykat July 30, 2012
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someone who dislike unmoral people or acts and will voice his disapproval
sheriff: "stop chirpsing those yats!!!!!!!!!! - the sheriff will shoot you down......"
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A character on the World of Warcraft Korgath Server who constantly bullies newbs, pks, and is a general asshole to anyone he meets.

Sheriff has gained enough of a reputation to have his identity posted on the internet by a private investigator (who also happens to play WoW). He has gotten numerous death threats from disgruntled players.
" Sheriff, if you show up at Blizz-Con, I will wash your mouth out with buckshot!"
by whatever460 April 20, 2009
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Noun; a joke which is either not funny, or is told by someone who is not funny. Often announced during an awkward silence.
Guy 1: What do clouds wear under there clothes?

Guy 2: /care


Guy 2: ...

by four fingered foetus February 01, 2009
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