a) An arab version of a don.
b) A man who gets all the chicks.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
what should i choose? sheik or trojan?
by condom_man October 15, 2003
The character in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that guides the main character Link. Sheik's history is never revealed to the player, along with his face. The one other thing that is never truly revealed about Sheik is his gender. Although popular belief would have Sheik as female (and possibly even Zelda), the plot as well as the character model would state otherwise. The legend was bolstered by the production of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bro.s" in which the player can morph between Zelda and Sheik. The creators later revealed in an interview that this was only added as a way to include the Zelda character, fearing that she alone would be too weak.
Link - ...
Sheik - I see you staring at my crotch, Link.
Link - ...
Link - ...
Sheik - The damn programmers didnt give me a bulge to keep the rating down! ARGH!
Link - *Silence*
by ~Magic Marker March 23, 2007
Someone hungover on the deck wearing aviators with a t-shirt that cut offs mid-stomach and a shirt wrapped around his head resembling a turban.
by DQ7 August 10, 2007
The most sadistic and bloodthirsty pro wrestler of all time. Used sharp objects to carve up opponents' foreheads and also threw "fire" in their faces. The fire was actually flash paper that The Sheik was somehow able to ignite and give the illusion he was producing a fireball out of thin air. His real name was Ed Farhat and he died in 2003 at age 76.
The Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher had a gore-fest of a match.
by Woody Thomas December 24, 2006
charming, philandering, seducing, womanizing
"He is amusing himself by giving her what he calls a good sheiking as they dance around." - by Zora Neal Hurston's The Back Room
by DA Anderson Jr., MA March 18, 2019
Zelda's alternate persona in LoZ:OoT as well as in SSBM. In SSBM, Sheik is considered the best character in the game thanks to her tilt combos, her overpowered down throw, and her high priority needle setups.
by Fuck you October 9, 2004