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Shegging is an advanced form of negging resulting in shagging.

The attribute of a shegger is the ability to put her down to make her go down.

Once you have mastered the ability to undermine a womans confidence, disarming her feline powers, only to use them against her, you are eligible for the title of a shegger. Negging is the tactic. Shagging is the goal.
Girl 1: Seamus was such a dick to you last night
Girl 2: Yeah i known, but ......
Girl 1: No way, did you sleep with him
Girl 2: I was proving him wrong. He said I would be a lazy lay.... fuck, he was shegging me
by Some mate1 October 22, 2017
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(Britishism) Shiny leggings; typically worn by young girls or women trying to look like young girls.
Shauna was delighted to find a new pair of sheggings among her birthday gifts.
by BombCog February 04, 2010
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The process of firing projectile eggs from your asshole.

Amateurs should use hardboiled eggs, working up to soft boiled, and eventually straight from the carton!
Yo Brandon, grab those eggs you just bought, we're goin' shegging!
by Antoine Simpson April 13, 2008
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