someone who prefers fore play, over real sex.

A softboiled person is somone who will trun you on, but won't finish the job, leaving you with blue balls
Sam would never sleep with a girl, the furthes he'd go is spanking a bitch, it's just the soft boiled kind of guy he is.
by Abo-Dalaj July 5, 2017
When you dip your nut sack in magic shell chocolate syrup and then she taps the boys with a spoon to reveal a tasty treat.
"Oh last night?, just enjoyed a nice soft boiled egg with the misses".
by The lonely tanker January 3, 2019
Sex Move

One partner squats (the 'sergeant') while the other (the 'private') uses their arms, holding the sergeant's thighs to do pull ups. At the top of every other pull up, the private opens their mouth into the sergeants ass and the sergeant poops into their throat, and on the next pull-up, they spit the poop onto the sergeants genitals.

The soft boiled part is important. For this to happen right, the sergeant needs a good case of diarrhea.
Bill: Man, my wife's breakfast was off this morning, must've been the action last night messing with her tastebuds.

John: Oh, what happened?

Bill: Gave her the ol' Soft Boiled Sergeant
by HamletPie July 19, 2011
Soft boiling an egg ~ code for beating ones dick, or masturbating with ones penis.
I can't talk right now, soft boiling an egg. Talk later.
by Skylark838 September 26, 2018