to speak or act with complete disregard to your peers; to not care; also known as "Charlie Sheen swag"
by Reggied10 March 01, 2011
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This is a film of sweat that breaks out simultaneously over the body. In most cases, the area of sheen is limited to the face or torso, but in extreme situations the individual can be completely covered - known as a full-body sheen. This phenomenon can occur at any time during a session, but is normally the result of a recent physical uber-gag on some form of drug - usually cannabis.

The body's natural reaction to this imbalance is to bring on a whitey, and the sheen is a key indicator that this is about to happen. Diagnosing the arrival of a sheen is a crucial element of whitey management and can provide invaluable planning time prior to a tactical chunder.

This should not be confused with Dr Clam.
After two tokes on the camberwell carrot, I started to feel queasy and began to sheen up - the whitey would soon be upon me.
by Alastair November 18, 2003
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Very beautiful, girl extremely sexy, hot body. Amazing kisser on the lips and tongue to tongue, very attractive. Attracts many boys and very intelligent.
Boys at school: "Hey guys, did you check out that new hottie in my class." " she's totally a sheen."
"I wanna date her so badly."
"Her body is so sexy."
"I heard she's also intelligent."
"Hold on guys, guess what? I am dating her! She's totally lit, she's the most amazing kisser ever, her tongue to tongue kisses ar the best."
by Luna🐾 January 03, 2018
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A slang term (from the 70's); short for "machine," generally referring to one's automobile. Used predominantly in the African-American community.
Bro 1: "Where's your sheen, bro?"
Bro 2: "Ain't got one."
by Discreetly Yours November 10, 2006
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to win
Heard you made the Dean's Listl. You're such a Sheener!

Guys! I finally Sheened last night playing beer pong!

I'm going to play the lottery today and Sheen.
by Ayyde Sea Turtle March 13, 2011
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A keeper and a sweetheart. Basically, the most amazing guy you'll ever meet.
-Look there! That's Sheen. I'm dating him.
-Oh! you lucky girl.
by Pikupie December 28, 2014
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(Adjective)to be sheen is to be cool, hip, happening, clean cut, stylish, stellar, excellent. A word most recently used in londons west end to describe someones social status or describing a comment, situation, person place or thing
That new restaurant on Old Compton street is so sheen!

I can't believe John treated us all to dinner that is so sheen.

That's a sheen pair of shoes you have there.
by drewbygp May 31, 2009
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