what girls write in middle school and high school yearbooks. It doesn't necessarily mean I love you but has a friendly meaning.
by Steve Rad August 22, 2008
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trUe lOvE WAiTs...wHeN DeR Is PaTiEnCe dEr Is lOvE WhErE DeR Is lOvE It HaS 2 B IvAn nD If u fINd iVaN U MIgHt aS wElL finD VaNesA BY HIs sIdE!IlY BbY

PS:AlL i dO 4 U 2 ShOw u hoW MUcH I LovE U! hAHa!!! aWw bBY uR ThE bEst thINg dAt HaPpEnEd in mY LiFe Nd u CaMe INtO My hEArT WiThoUt eVeN knOCkIN BUt dNt wOrRy cuZ Da DoOr Was oPeN CUz iT WAs YOU!,,,,I lOvE YOU VeRy muCh!....
-nAy-nA <333 (:
trUe lOvE WAiTs....eVeN If ItS 4eVeR...(:

-I WiLl waIt 4EvEr iF I hAvE 2!

TRuE LoVeaLwaYs&4EvEr <333
by MrS.RoDRiGUeZ (: March 31, 2010
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