She/he is a set of pronouns containing both the pronoun sets of she/her and he/him. It is used typically by people who identify as both masculine and feminine genders, but anyone who feels comfortable with them can use these pronouns if they fit you.

In some cases the person putting she first instead of he can indicate a preference for she, but this is not ever case and can be the opposite or they can be equal.
Oh, Darell goes by she/he pronouns. It means he can be called she or he. Sometimes she prefers one over the other as well.
by kozacore November 29, 2020
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A person who's original biology was that of a female and through surgery acquired a realistic biologic penis. Opposite of a shemale/heshe. But the same as a FTM (female to male) transvestite.

* May/may not still have original breasts.

* May/may not also have vagina.

* May/may not take male hormones.

* May/may not have original reproductive organs.
"Damn that chick has the hottest face and a perfect body.. Nice full hips, ass, perfect natural tits, BUt holy shit! I don't think he/she/it/shemale was born with that cock! WTF!" "Man, its not a he/she/it/shemale.. Its a She HE.."

he shetrannyshemaletranssexualtransgenderladyboyhermaphroditedrag queenhe-she
by Madboymadness October 25, 2008
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"She-He" is a person born as a female, who is living as a male, frequently as a result of transgender surgery, but not always.
Chastity Bono is now known as Chaz Bono, and is living as a man. Therefore, Chaz is a "She-He."
by Whistle Berries September 4, 2011
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A man who dresses like a woman; usually one who can actually be mistaken as a woman. He-she's are usually one step away from gettin sex change operations.
BOB: Damn! That girl is hot!
TONY: That ain't a girl. That's a he-she!
by Nasty Nate June 23, 2003
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Who'd she refers to the action of doing something out of character.
For example, If you suddenly do the assignment you were procrastinating on you could exclaim. 'Who's she/he?'
Or if it is really unexpected you could exclaim 'who IS she/he'
by Ben R Over October 12, 2018
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A hermaphrodite. A humanish unit that has a cock and a pussy. May sound fun but not when you are trying to find a mate that wants a serious relationship! A layman's term for such an error of biology. Usually used to describe what looks like a woman but is actually...well...a he-she!
he she or he/she or he-she

Max: "Remember that chick I took outa the bar last night."
Scott: "Yea...I remember, I set you up with her" - laughing
Max: "Well, I get her home and I am sucking her tits, licking her tonsils, she's going wild..starts bobbing my Kong, I blow and reach for her pie...gonna do some carpet-munching....But she had a fucking Cock AND a snatch. I was so drunk, I almost pushed the cock aside to get some quim but nearly puked when I smelled it...nasty..nasty...nasty."
Scott: "No shit dude, so you had your first experience with a he-she you man-slut!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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Used to describe a begfriend/wanna be.
Person A: Omg Ben added all my friends on facebook!
Person B: Oh my dayz, She/He begs it.!

Person A: Whys Becky alwas hanging around with Alice nowadays? shes got the same hair style and nose piercig aswell!

Person B: she begs it man.
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
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