A derogatory term implying that the target is not quite Human; in reality, stating that the target is inferior to the speaker.

Jodl probably doesn't count, even if Hitler calls him a hairless ape with a shiny head.
1. Ivan is the shaved monkey around here and has always been.
2. Speaker: {Target} has the chest of a buffalo and the arms of a gorilla. We call him the shaved monkey.
by decimator1337 November 12, 2014
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Man: Mankind: Human Beings: After all, the only thing that seperates man from all other primates is the ability to manipulate a razor.
every human being is a shaved monkey, some more than others.
by Obi Kaye October 10, 2006
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slange for a shaved vagina,also known as a bald beaver,a bell pepper,slick split,shaved pussy.
i took her home and undressed her and there between her legs was the most beautiful shaved monkey i had ever seen!
by bull70 April 25, 2010
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a sexual practice involving shaving all body hair below neck, lubing up the whole body, and screwing on a waterbed without sheets.
we were having shaved monkey sex last night when he bed sprung a leak.
by minghi May 18, 2003
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driving a monkey-shaped convertible that is clean.
shaved monkey sex is so fun on route 66.
by hoehoefromdawg September 28, 2003
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A woman partaking in the act of removing all hair from the vaginal area (beetle bonet), thus leaving a smooth hairless area clear of all debris for a nice session of licking the vertical bacon sandwich.
immac, bic, wilkinson, gillette are all tools used in the act. of shaving the monkeys forehead

by luke110381 February 4, 2008
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