An obssessive compulsive atraction to all things mango. Can also be used in a sense meaning an invasive species not native to Texas, usually trying to force upon random people the wonders of Anthropology.
Example 1: "Jesus christ, I think that lady has some sort of Bonet syndrome. Look at her gorge herself on that mango."


Example 2: "Oh my god! Look! It's an actual Bonet! Quick, run before you get enculturated!"
by Ramair May 6, 2007
This one word phrase focuses on the infamous pedophilia inspired child rape / murder case of nine year old Jon Bonet Ramsey. It is a sub-culture coined term and translates meaning of youth and beauty in a most disturbed way. It is in reference to the compilation of physical characteristics that would a prime-A number-one potential target victim maintain to surely trigger the pedophile's abusive nature.

There is also the phenomena of an induced encouragement for this type of pedophile human reaction. Why would someone put make-up on their children so as to appear older and of mature sexuality?

A "Bonet" is of female gender, 5-17 years of age, beautiful and out there!
One average Joe says to the other, "Hey dude, look on over yonder at them school children playing, I bet that every other one is a Bonet!"
by gravy111 November 19, 2010
you do something so well that u shout out "im on it like a car bonet" as an act of excitement that u did that something so well.
by iDanimal June 2, 2011
Something or someone that hates the idea of hanging out with friends and would rather do something else degrading
Robert loves being a bonet and hates going to Denny's with us and rather do cock and hall torture
by Dream of men August 15, 2021