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Tommy: Achoo!
Teacher: Gesundheit, Tommy.
Tommy: Thanks, teech

Student: Teech told me to make a word cloud, so I made a mushroom word cloud
by decimator1337 January 20, 2017
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A derogatory term implying that the target is not quite Human; in reality, stating that the target is inferior to the speaker.

Jodl probably doesn't count, even if Hitler calls him a hairless ape with a shiny head.
1. Ivan is the shaved monkey around here and has always been.
2. Speaker: {Target} has the chest of a buffalo and the arms of a gorilla. We call him the shaved monkey.
by decimator1337 November 12, 2014
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An all-class is an informal term for a versatile, multipurpose thing or person.
1. An X-Wing is an all-class starfighter. It has proton torpedoes for heavier targets and it's good at shooting down TIE fighters.
2. A Swiss army knife is supposed to be an all-class melee weapon/tool.
by decimator1337 July 9, 2014
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2spooky4me levelled down and 3spooky5me levelled down twice. Unlike the other two variants, it connotes genuine enthusiasm and sarcastic fear.
Used most often when you find it funny, too, instead of scary.
Man 1: But if the most important part of our body is the brain, and the brain is in the skull, aren't WE technically IN a skeleton?
Man 2: Oh that's 2spooky4me.
Man 3: 1spooky2me. laughs both loud and free

Guy: Whoa, that was so scary. I don't want to go again.
Man 3: 1spooky2me. Look how I'm shaking! Hey! Where are you going? stahp
by decimator1337 December 31, 2015
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Informal pronunciation of "sit down" -almost exclusively a humorous interjection/exclamation.
C'mere and siddown, you!
Siddown or I'll *knock* ya down!
by decimator1337 December 12, 2016
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