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sharkied defines the instance when all of the people around you stop listening to what the fuck your saying and start dissing you to your face. used often to ignore and shame annoying friends that talk about random shit that has nothing to do with anything.
Bob: guess what guys i got a nice cushy job stacking boxes, for a pizza place
Jim: good job bro
Dave: that's awesome can you hook me up with some free shit
Sean: do you ever wonder why cats and dogs never get along, i mean there both animals, why all the hate
Bob: shut the fuck, no one cares about that shit go kill yourself
Jim: yeah man, you should just kill yourself, everybody's life would be so much better if you where dead
Dave: i hope you drown in your bath tub you punk ass bitch
Chris: dang you just got sharkied, mother fucker
by king of ballin July 05, 2013
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