A predatory creature that feeds upon nylon and lycra. Usually female, they tend to feed in packs and attack with very little provocation.

The name 'sharks' originates from the first story that was put on the BlackMilkClothing website when JL decided to take it offline because BMC was so overloaded with orders.

The story was about JL feeling like he had been repeatedly savaged by a pack of sharks (while wearing a Lady Gaga style meat dress. It was a little weird).
"You came, you saw, you nommed! Hope every sharkie got what they were after"

"Sharkies... what a beautiful species. "

"Sharkies.... you're awesome. Mwah!
by Vatican Black November 26, 2012
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A boner while swimming.
Bf: babe i gotta tell you something.
Gf: what is it?
Bf: i have a sharkie...
gf: thats hot.
by hisQueen46930 May 24, 2015
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Did you see Sharkie this morning, dang he looked good.
by Anndall November 24, 2021
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A term used for someone who's shit at league. Could also be used for someone using excessive cursing when playing.
Damn, I feel like sharkie with how I'm playing.
by JessicaPepper September 29, 2018
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Female sport bike rider with a lot of attitude. They HAVE to be hot or they are not sharkie. The opposite of sharkie is "jelly fish".
"All of the females in that club are sharkies" or "Carol is the biggest sharkie in NorCal".
by A. B. H. January 24, 2007
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A very rare and butch individual, we don’t know whether it is male or female, we just know for a fact that it’s a sea predator. Their favourite terms are “iya” “have ya got a spare fag” and “Oi” in their overly aggressive voice. They like to call a cigarette a gazzler.
Iya everyone this is Sharkie, aka the sea predator
by ButchAssBitch October 7, 2017
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