A type of dating scam which involves exchanging pictures and videos with a target. Then blackmailing them later in return for money or some other type of currency.

Works directly with Catfish, as the shared pictures are usually ripped from elsewhere. Also similar to Ransomware in impact.
She contacted out the blue, it felt like it was for sexoration
by cubicgarden April 2, 2016
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verb: sexorated; sexoration

1. To sexify something. Anything. Anyone.

Origin: Australia/America, circa.07012013
A person can become sexorated through simple actions (for women) such as:
Plucking eyebrows
Waxing upper lips
Wearing slightly revealing clothes or butt lifting jeans
Wearing VERY slightly revealing clothes.

Or (for men):
Growing out a beard
Taking a shower ie. smelling nice
Cooking a sexy meal
Wearing a suit while cooking a sexy meal.

A room can be sexorated through actions such as:
Candles. Everywhere.

John : Hi Gina, I just decided to grow out a beard tonight and cook you dinner in my army uniform.
Gina: *Pants off*
John: Allow me to light this candle.
Gina: *faints*
by Shaft125 July 2, 2013
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adj. a male being both as adorable as a teddy bear, but sexy enough you want to rip the clothes off him and fuck him.
robin thinks chris is sexorable
by chris nasr August 12, 2004
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N. The act of fornicating someone.
Adj. Having sexually favorable qualities
N. "DIZAMN! I want to sexor that beotch up!"

Adj. "Oh shit! Look at that ass, she is such teh sexor!"
by abel November 18, 2002
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The act of ravagenous secks. Weither anal, oral, vaginal, animal, or otherwise.
Boy, after such a long day at work I could really go for some crazy sexoring.
by b0b August 31, 2004
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