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a phrase often said when one is recieving either a good massage, good food, or good sex.
john getting a back rub: "ahh! thats the stuff."
john getting food: "ahh! thats the stuff."
john getting oral sex: "AHH! THATS the stuff!"
by gunslingergirlvy_s_e December 3, 2005
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a males penis thats spews out semen and urine for sex play.
i love to perform oral sex on my mans hose. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
by gunslingergirlvy_s_e December 3, 2005
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should be renamed "black eye friday" due to the fact that thousands of americans forget the spirit of the holiday season by trampling ppl and giving black eyes while buyin stupid gifts that you didnt even mean to buy from stores who purposely hold sales the same day as everybody else.

yet another example of how greedy americans are.
a word of advice: there is this wonderous object called a "computer" and an even more wonderful thing called "the internet". you can do all of your holiday shopping online and the best thing is is that if you order over 100$, shippings free! follow these tips and you will save yourself a pint of blood on each black friday.
by gunslingergirlvy_s_e November 26, 2005
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