A person with a love for sex often stronger than their love for family. They are constantly looking for their next chance to get laid like other addicts looks for their next chance to get what they want. Often if going through withdrawals mood swings or irritability will happen. If someone you know is a sex addict often they will become desperate to sleep with whoever they can. make sure you keep a close eye on them because they will do anything and everything in their power to have sex. DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEM! Avoid any things that revolve around sex or sexual ideas. This could trigger them to become more desperate.
God she is such a sex addict she slept with Randy. That boy has more STDs than I could count.
by Nikki sixx March 6, 2014
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a person who can not function due to lack of the ween.
jenkeltos has a sex addiction.
by mang peelde November 15, 2006
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Being Obbsessed With Sex, Porn, & Object That Is Similar To Sex! It's Mostly Called A Pervert!
There Is A Movie Called "Im A Sex Addict"
by Victormania April 12, 2006
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doing sex all the time...feeling to have to
my ex girlfriend...she was a sex addict....i came in to her apartment and she was in bed with 2 other guys...sleeping...her hand was stuck up his ass...and her head was on the other guys cock...she had cum all over her face...her tounge was hanging out!...and the guys...one hand there hand up her vagina...cum all over the place...and the other guy had his hands on her chest...like a man bra....SICK....that girls a cunt...i was so pissed...i ended up sleeping with3 girls that nite...and got 2 pregnent...hey wat the hell!...my cocks huge!....im a sex addict now too....i hate it....but im always happy
by crdkdm August 8, 2007
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A sex addict is someone who is addicted to... Well, sex! A sex addict may clear schedules just to get their bang on, but hey, can you blame them?... Long story short, yeah, you can.

Their sex addiction may be so strong they rely on multiple partners or a non-committed relationship. Sex addicts are aggressive when they cannot have sex, and most commonly, they show symptoms of withdrawl — like a drug or alcohol addict! Scary, huh?
"Dude, did you see Perry last night?" Mark asked with a tilt of his head, totally in awe.

Dennis laughed and nodded, motioning a hump into the air, then out. "Uh, yeah! Man was slaying all sorts of pussy, man!"

Jerry pointed, "Yeah, that's what he looked like! Seriously though, that dude's got some addiction or something... He's like a sex addict!"
by MooniLikesGrammar June 10, 2022
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A person who is in a superposition of being a top or a bottom until observed, wherein they collapse into one state.
Bro have you talked to Ryan recently? He's quite a Schrodinger's Sex Addict
by KrapyKangaroo September 29, 2019
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When a person loves shoes just as much as they Love sex,A person who can do without sex if they have shoes or visa versa,When Sex and Shoes Play a big part in your life,A persone who has alot of shoes and a lot of sex
U had sex 4 times today and brought 3 pairs of shoes,your such a sex addict shoe fanatic
by jizzlemane April 1, 2009
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