seven is the seventh number. also written as "7"
one, two, three, four, five, six and seven
by retardedpotago September 09, 2020
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The greatest number to grace the earth. The law of edwards and any of his disciples

Answer to anything.
How much cheese you want? Seven.

Mum I hate you. Mum replies Seven
by Sevenpointsevenpointtriangle October 19, 2020
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seven is gay. definitely non-binary. like what hetero person names their kid after a goddamn number.
Person 1: So I was talking to my friend seven-
Person 2: wait seven, are they nb
Person 1: yea is it that obvious
by dadboi July 25, 2020
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One of the hottest and most talented mother fuckers on the planet!
He writes great lyrics ;
For those of you morons that don't know who he is he's in the band Brokencyde.

Whom I've had the pleasure of seeing twice.
Clarik:: Dude! Look it's Seven!
Bree:: Where?!?!? I want that boy in my bed he's fuckin' fit!
by Decorated_Emergency July 28, 2008
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meaning phitt (good-lookin) girl/guy, usually shouted as a code word to mates for noticing a good-looking person

"seven million; seven-up; sprite; coca-cola (used in association of a black girl/guy)", can also be used in the same context
"minus seven" = the opposite of seven
"forteen" = a pair of sevens (continuing through the 7 times table)
"seven times table" = a group of sevens, usually sittin at a table
"seven at 3 oclock" = a seven directly right!
-2 guys walk to corner shop
-fit girl walks past the other way

guy1 "SEVEN!"
guy2 "where?"
guy1 "6 oclock!"
by Seven Welch November 22, 2007
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When a man skank tells his woman that his junk is an oversized seven inches. Often a tool used during sexting.
7 inches 2 inches wide :)

My cock is more vast than the seven seas.

That was just one time!
by The Jesus Room June 16, 2011
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