Definition 1: The answer to every question you do not want to answer. Often pertains to the time of a certain event or appointment. Guys with over protective girlfriends often use this when their friends ask at what time they can hangout. The number seven is made plural thus implying that it can be anytime within the past present or future.
Definition 2: The mispronunciation of the common Swedish name Sven.
Person 1: Hey man what time?
Person 2: seevens!
Person 1: Thanks..
-Def 2:
Person 1: Hey Sevens where's the closest Ikea?
Sven: Thats not my name idiot.
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by Skanktank69 November 16, 2016
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Seven is the best number there is to ever exist. I am Seven. Even though I am not Seven years old, I am still Seven. Seven should never be written as 7, and should always be capital. Seven is also the strongest number, because Seven ate nine. If you're feeling suicidal, just think of Seven, and all your worries will go away. Seventy should be treated the same as Seven, but Seven will still be the best.
person A: what time is it?
person B: Seven.
person A: you mean 7:00?
person B: no fuck off, it's Seven.
by Connor Hoard February 09, 2017
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Seven is your perfect mix of bitter and sweet wrapped into one. He is tempermental at times but only cause he wants to be heard. He fears being left but only cause he would never leave anyone. He would do anything for you and love you regardless of what you do to him. He is very conceited even though no other looks at him as he looks at himself. He just wants to spend time with the ones he loves and will always have time for you. He will get walked over and never notice because he sees the good in people. He works hard so he can play harder. Sometimes he is everything you do and don't want.
Seven is your best friends, strongest lover and sometimes your unintentional placemat
by Hardlifehardfight October 23, 2016
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The number of heads of cattle a Natalie is worth in a traditional Arranged Marriage Barter System.
He had been alone a long time. It was time to be someplace else. "I will give you seven cattle for that one," said the man, eyeing his electronic animal husbandry account greedily.
by jandek March 17, 2009
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number used to delete something from a technical device. Can also be used to ignore or "fake delete" something someone has said..without be rude.
"hey, how are you today?"

-"uhh, seven"
by snookalike May 02, 2011
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A very sweet human being who frequents numerous Avatar sites. Has been known to have the heart of gold, and the ladies love him not only for his good looks, but for his macking. May be one of the most popular users online, if not the most popular user named Seven.
Seven, you're my hero! -Fanatic
by Jenny<7 April 11, 2008
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