slang for seven-polar. Simalar to bi-polar, but seven emotions.
its the term for being: sad, frusterated, depressed, angry, apathetic, quiet and pensive all at the same time.
Amy B. was so seven yesterday... John and Lorenzo were so gay and leaving her out so Margie and Mal totally tried to cheer her up.
by Amy Dee B. June 29, 2006
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The number of heads of cattle a Natalie is worth in a traditional Arranged Marriage Barter System.
He had been alone a long time. It was time to be someplace else. "I will give you seven cattle for that one," said the man, eyeing his electronic animal husbandry account greedily.
by jandek March 17, 2009
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one of the many nicknames for the mullet.

7 <-- look at it

see also: wordthrees and sevens/word
most people who listen to Warrant still sport the 7.
by Ricky Roma November 29, 2003
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Seven is your perfect mix of bitter and sweet wrapped into one. He is tempermental at times but only cause he wants to be heard. He fears being left but only cause he would never leave anyone. He would do anything for you and love you regardless of what you do to him. He is very conceited even though no other looks at him as he looks at himself. He just wants to spend time with the ones he loves and will always have time for you. He will get walked over and never notice because he sees the good in people. He works hard so he can play harder. Sometimes he is everything you do and don't want.
Seven is your best friends, strongest lover and sometimes your unintentional placemat
by Hardlifehardfight October 23, 2016
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Seven is a person that is sweet and sour all the time they are a anime geek and they say weird sh*t all the time but they are cool tho they are annoying af their ego is bigger than there d*ck
Girl A: did you here about seven?

Girl B: Yeah I heard he got suspended
by WeirdopersonXDlol March 25, 2019
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Seven is a slang used in the northern regions of Afghanistan to call people autistic
by Fotonivo October 16, 2019
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