A pair of nylon sweat pants with a matching nylon jacket, which should be worn together
Sophia wore a set to speech today.
by GuidoPosse69 January 28, 2005
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A trendy adverb or noun-enhancer that can be cleverly concealed into any part of a sentence for endless fun. Most commonly used after verbs and, sometimes, nouns.
Did you just see him dip-set?
Please stop hitting-set me with that shovel-set.
Make-set me a sandwich.
by Drox June 5, 2007
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She was so set last night.
by yippy kaiyay July 11, 2008
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To leave - get up and go

Apparently not the most common use for the word 'set', perhaps northern.
"I gotta set..."

"I'm settin..."
by rebelutionary April 24, 2007
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'to set'
to give something to someone else
often used in reference to a fag or spliff
'dave set me fag'
or when used to create humour using randomness
'dave set me cushion'
'haha dude'
'just give me the fucking cushion'
'alrite chill out'
by josh....... July 11, 2008
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Set, as in to settle ; An abbreviation of settle. Used mainly to tell someone to shut up, or calm. See Calm for more information.
Whoa there, set set!
by not legit at all March 14, 2003
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A term coined by Timothy Leary that describes psychedelic drug experiences.

The "set" is the state of mind one brings to the trip, and its factors include, current state of mind, previous drug experiences, and mood.

The "setting" refers to the surrounding events and time. These include other people present, location, and time of day.

Set and setting shows how using psychedelic drugs under different circumstances results in different trips.
Man, the first time I did acid I was freaked out, but the second time, a bunch of friends were there and it was really chill. It was a whole different set and setting.
by Izzy L. May 19, 2008
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