1. An individual performance onstage.

2. The regular material a stand-up comic uses onstage.
1. "Hey, Bob. I'm psyched! I got a set at Gotham!"

2. "Hey, Bob! What the fuck is up with your new set, man? It's all hack!"
by John-Boy August 22, 2006
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The act of being inbetween the stages of crunk and tipsy.

For instance...Damn TIm was set lastnight.
Set: If drinking beers and you are not drunk but not to tipsy you are set.
by Tittyfalcs July 10, 2008
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A term used by Skateboarders, Rollerskaters, ect. to describe a skateable staircase. Usually its preceded by a number to tell how many stairs are in the "set."
Skater one: Dude, did you see that huge six-set.
Skater two: F**K ya, I'd take me at least 3 times to ollie it.
by Ivna BJ September 27, 2006
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Used to show a favorable attitude or agreement. Can also be used in the same way as "straight" or "its cool".
Person 1:Joe's mom is out of town this weekend so party at his house.
Person 2: Setttttttttttttt!

Person 1: She thinks your flaw
Person 2: Set. I don't give a fuck
by Cjwray910 January 24, 2011
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term used to describe syringes used to shoot up drugs.
i'm gonna get me some sets at the needle excahange.
by g-ring March 27, 2007
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FUCK SLOBZ but Piru is not a set gang from blood, Blood was a set of Piru originally. A set is a gang branched off of a nother gang. Ex. NeighborHood Crip is a gang, somebody or poeple from NHC might move from the hood and start NeighborHood Crip in another area, say 40th street. Now 40th street is called Neighborhood 40 Crip which is a set gang of NeighborHood Crip. get it? Set gangs dont always get along either.
NH40C(NeighborHood 40 Crip) and NH60C(Neighborhood 60 Crip) are set gangs of NeighborHood Crip
by Loc- O June 21, 2004
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Laney High's Jamile Harris used this term to describe the way he was going to hit someone.
Man, don't make me set yo' ass!
by Kenny Lloyd January 14, 2005
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