Settin: The hick way to say sitting.
Justin- 'Cuse me, any yall settin here

Brian-Naw seats all yours
by Bridabeast February 11, 2017
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When the blunt is stationary because one person continues to smoke instead of passing.
They were smoking a blunt and one person continued to smoke instead of passing : “Dude you’re settin flares, pass the blunt”.
by $m0ke$creen11 March 13, 2021
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putting some sick ass shit in your phone or computer fake or real for those nosy ass haters to find when going through your shit.
i am going to be snoopy settin my phone with video of me up in my roomates girls guts then going all ATM on her. That will teach his snooping ass.
by Kevochevo April 14, 2015
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the term used for someone in a pimped out ride with iced out rims and a gucci interior.
Master P is settin on chrome.
by Big D June 6, 2003
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to be the first,to allow other people into the same field
yo lazy ass aint do shit, while im out settin up shop
by Adum May 12, 2006
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