Yelling this really loudly multiple times will make you feel good. Try it. For increased pleasure, walk into your principle's office and yell it.
Tony: Doesn't that feel better
John: Yeah you were right but now I will have to serve detentions everyday until I graduate
Tony: Well trust me it's worth it
by imacowmoo January 06, 2008
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Oct. 30 national fuck school skip it smoke there and take a shit in there sinks cause fuck it
Yo dude national fuck school day let’s gooooo
by Small dick gang for life October 24, 2019
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Momo challenge headass tells everyone that shes gonna shoot the school and gets caught. Theres so much fucking drama that nobody cares about. theres hoes and thots that are gay asf fuck. I hope Momo girl comes and shoot the AP's that get info from all the fucking opps. Trent is for rent!
by momochallengeloser March 03, 2019
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Fordham Preparatory School, in the Bronx, NY.
At first observation it is easy to tell that this is a school for phaggets
Fordham Prep phagget 1: I didn't get into Iona, so now i go to the gayest fucking school in the world.
Fordham Prep phagget 2: man that sucks
Iona Prep phagget: lol geii phagget
by Liam White-Krawiec May 13, 2015
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A fucking that is so no holds barred that it must come from a person that spent the majority of their teenage days not studying the classics but rather studying the art of fucko. 2.) A fucking with no brakes.
I put a straight state school fucking on that private school bitch and she got all swim fan on my ass.
by matt5000 May 24, 2010
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Your probably in school right now, or having a mental breakdown about math so you googled this and this thing came up, so congrats school does fucking suck
bro i hate this math teacher
i know school fucking sucks
by heyyallllllllll April 07, 2021
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