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One whose wealth is estimated at a thousand (as of dollars or pounds). Being a thousandaire is having the attitude of a millionaire; with a touch of bling.
You have bling but it is not blinding. Also, being a thousandaire blesses you with a comfortable living but not with so much money to the point that it brings you problems; no where near being a millionaire or poverty level but comfortable living with no financial problems. Under this status, there is no need for credit cards, lay-a-ways, finance, or payday loans.
by Sabrina Johnson May 22, 2006
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A person with a net worth between $1,000.00 and $999,999.99

- Wealthy thousandnaires are considered upper-middle class to upper-class.

- Moderately wealthy thousandnaires are considered middle-class to upper-middle class.

- Modest thousandnaires are considered lower-class to lower-middle-class.
1. The couple is well on their way to one million dollars, but as of now they are just thousandnaires.

2. He/She has a big house, nice car, and thousands in the bank.

3. Well off thousandaires may invest some money in the stock market to help their funds grow.
by TheLightDreamer December 05, 2011
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n: one whose wealth is estimated at a thousand or thousands (as of dollars) - thousandaireably adv. - thousandaireable adj.
For such things I suppose my wealth could buy should I try? Actually, I believe the more money I make the better my standards are in places of which I can afford. For the surety I know my game will be what I am at the time, a thousandaire.
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When someone who comes from an impoverished background shows-off with (often tasteless) flashy jewelry, expensive phones, etc. to demonstrate that they are not as broke as their friends; they're "in the big leagues" because they are not living-off welfare, etc. Pretending to be rich on a small budget.
We were in this dump of a club last night, all these thousandaires were showing-off their new cellphones and lame-ass gold chains.
by Timbotron3000 May 28, 2006
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Thousander is a person who instead of millions has thousands under his or her account.
Kenny used to be a thousandaire before his dad decided to get a van, and he now only has 999 dollars in his account!
by oxy_k July 10, 2011
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