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Sereres is the most fascinating woman in the world. Although you won't notice right away due to her unique beauty and quiet demeanor, her IQ is almost certainly double yours. As rare and otherworldly as her name, Sereres is no normie; she's the kind of woman who poets sing of and artists muse over. Despite her casual disregard of standard girly preening over her looks, there is a magnetic and bewitching force to her which has been known to drive men crazy. It's a rare and lucky man who catches himself a Sereres, as they only grace the world with their presence once every few generations.
"Bro I think I'm falling for Sereres, I don't know what to do she's so far out of my league I know I've got no chance." "Been there, dude. I know the feel."
by Lucy Sky July 01, 2017
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