adj. a term to be used to describe something that is not legit, lame, and/or fucking gay
Yo dawg, that bro shane watkins is chipz yo, real talk.
by iamdoingyourmomrofl April 12, 2011
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means sex started by girls in welwyn garden so they could talk bout it round parents/teachers
me and my boyfreind are avin chipz 2nite

i want chipz
by jess November 29, 2004
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A Beta male who is subconsciously a homosexual , so he involuntarily cucks himself out of any relationship with a female.
Did you see Chipz RP last night? He doesn't know how to treat a catgirl.
by KwehzyBestWaifu September 7, 2019
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A general statement of upset-ness.
Person 1: DUDE! My mom just ran over the cat!!

Person 2: AWW!! Poop chipz!!
by Spagettieo November 19, 2011
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when you drop something extraordinary on the ground😟😟
t* dropps a tv* Awww fuck i drwoped meh vegghe chipz
by Paul Sneed August 24, 2020
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