1)Toss the person out of the game, event, location 2)Throw into jail
1) Phil Jackson cursed at the ref so he was sent home.
2)Martha Stewart is going to get sent home by the judge in her case.
by Beau March 27, 2004
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to take a crap or a dump. usually very large
"Hey, where is Bob?"
"He's in the bathroom sending home a Texan"
by bubbadave July 25, 2005
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When its the last bolt on the job and it seems to be cross threaded you put the impact on it to get it done.
Craig, just put the Milwaukee on it and send it home.
by Poodlebutzz69 September 5, 2021
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The killing of any small rodent by inserting it into your anus, therefor sending it home to Jesus.
Joffrey got tired of his wife's hampster, so now he's sending it home to Jesus
by jnutt1985 March 27, 2010
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A euphemism for sexual intercourse, presumably derived from the fact that Gatsby lived in a place called "West Egg." The resulting euphemism implies that the sex is intended to result in pregnancy.
Matt- "Dude, when I go abroad next year I'm gonna be 'sending Gatsby back home' all night, every night!"
Dave- "Matt, the last thing we need is a whole shit ton of pregnant furries."
by danx6 March 6, 2008
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