The dominant partner. Interestingly, though in most places the dominant partner gives both anal and oral, in Japanese society, it is more normal for the seme to give head to his uke.
My boyfriend keeps wanting me to be seme.
by Half shade July 24, 2005
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The person on "top" during sex. Contrary to popular belief, this is not always associated with shonen-ai or likewise
"During sex with my girlfriends, I usually am uke"
by AJ and Jimmy November 15, 2003
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macedonian word for seed, also used as a greeting
Seme da te ebam
by Skankaholic August 6, 2003
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The dominant partner in a gay male on male romantic relationship in Japanese yaoi anime and manga, doujinshi and fanfiction. The seme is said to 'top' his uke. The seme is often (but not always) the older of the two/ more serious/ dark/ mysterious and more 'handsome' than 'cute'.
In the shonen-ai anime Gravitation, the mysterious Eiri Yuki is the seme over the pink-haired Shuichi Shindo.

In Sensitive Pornograph Sono Hanasaki has a seme (Seiji Yamada) a whole ten years younger than himself.
by Su-chan February 1, 2008
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Japanese for the partner on top. Used in conjunction with uke and yaoi.
by Alyson April 1, 2003
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A cool, Chill, down to earth and intelligent person suffocated and if put in college tomorrow would instantly graduate the next day a doctor.
You are so smart. i guess I am Semeli.
by bungush1 May 31, 2018
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Often referring to yaoi manga, the seme is often in the 'top' when having sex. The seme is usually the opposite of the uke, more experience with sex, mysterious, handsome, etc.
Semes are usually hot.
by MisaTange August 17, 2009
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