Appropriate response to a Nigerian sending you millions of dollars.
your friend says, "If I send only $5,000 to Nigeria, he said he'll send me back millions..." you say, "seems legit"
by insomniaholic February 4, 2013
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a sarcastic response to obvious fraudulent activity or false claims
Bernie Madoff: "Let me help your investments grow!"

Government: "9/11 was not an inside job!"

The Fed: "The forefathers of America were terrorists!"
by SKaREO April 29, 2013
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1) What one would say in a situation that arouses suspicions, but is ultimately determined to pose no threat.

2) What one would say ironically in a situation that is obviously NOT legit, usually dealing with illicit activities such as drugs and pedophilia, or the purchase of knockoff merchandise.
1) This muscle cream isn't a brand I've ever heard of, but there's no ingredients label on it so it can't be steroids. Seems legit.

2a) This 15-year old Christina Hansen wants me to come visit her for a surprise... seems legit!
2b) This guy is asking for 15 bucks for this thousand dollar Gucci bag... seems legit!
by Psyber Kayos April 17, 2009
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a sarcastic meme that regards any image of something that seems very fake, unreal, or untrue.
I was browsing on Google and saw a bunch of Seems Legit images
by Billiam Beaver August 17, 2017
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A word used when someone says something that sounds pretty solid. Commonly used By tiktok influencer Elvin Cordova
Sorry I just woke uppp.”
“Seems legit”
by Rahgeez November 10, 2022
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