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A plague, or virus, characterized by pre-flu-like symptoms. Those who attended #AZABBGIC2017 are likely to be affected by this terrible illness.
Did you hu at IC? no, but I got the seeb anyway.
by 6feetofsexy February 26, 2017
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A way of saying see you later and bye in the North West of England.
'Later hater' 'Peace out, seeb'
by Kater street February 07, 2010
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Another saying for the internet abbreviation CBA (Can't be assed) It is commonly used by a group called a clan that plays a few games including counterstrike source and guild wars
by Bryn200 July 30, 2006
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The lazy version of cbf
used when saying the word as opposed to typing it, although it means the same it takes less effort to say seebs then cbf
also spelt ceebs or cbs
Guy 1: Wanna go play pool?
Guy 2: seebs
by Brown-Town January 07, 2008
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