In physical encounters between a female and a male (and possibly
between same sexes), Second base is the heavily debated term
used to loosely describe the touching and "feeling up" of ones
partner. It may include some manual (this means with HANDS)
stimulation of breasts, clit, penis, anus, etc. The latter parts are often
Refered to as "third base", but technically speaking, third base is
Manual or oral stimulation that results in a CLIMAX.

Oral is never considered part of second base. Second base does not mandate
whether either person be clothed or naked. Third base would usually
require a minimum removal of a portion of clothing, as would
Home, obviously.
John: "I stayed at Janette's house last night. She let me get to third!"
Me: "Happy balls, then! Did you bust in her mouth?"
John: "No! She just rubbed my dick and she wouldn't go any further!"
Me: "Hahahaa! You only got to second base, dumbass! BURN!!!"
by wiseguycracking July 21, 2009
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the bases:
1st- making out, snogging, french kissing
2nd- fingering/handjob
3rd- licking out/blow job
4th- full sex
(Mum overhears John talking about the day before)
John: Blah blah blah second base blah
Friend: hahahahaha (laughs for no reason)
Mum(interrupting): is that good, dear?
by Semigoth_anarchist August 27, 2005
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when u put ur hand down the shirt of ur lover and feel/squeeze their boob. or put ur hand down their pants and feel their vagina or dick, u can even give a hand job, or finger them. anything to make them kinky.
nick and i have been going out for 3 months and last night we got to second base. after dinner he walked me back to my place i let him in and showed him my bed room, we started kissing, and it got very intimate and steamy. we started to french kiss which is first base and then i took off my shirt and let him feel and kiss my breasts. i ripped of his shirt with my teeth and kissed his abs and licked evey single inch oh his chest starting with his neck, and gave him a hickey. it got steamy again and i cud feel him reach into my pants, i said i wasent ready for that, and he respected that, so we just felt eachother on top. but he said that he wudnt mind if i felt him up, so i did. and man did he have a stiffy. i didnt want him to go so we just dry humped, but man was it great. i also gave him a blowjob for coming back to my place
by i<3dickss August 19, 2011
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If you're a guy:
You're touching your female partners boobs or vagine
If you're a girl:
You're touching your male parthers penis
Last night when I was with sharron I got to second base!
by clarkey buttfunks January 8, 2007
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wow this is a gooder the ol' second base personally i think it is too easy to skip or go through without knowing what u did i mean its just a good feel up.
wow i got to second base, of course i hit a home run that night neways and she is pregnant so it kinda sucks
by Dr.Anusol June 6, 2006
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When you and your partner are ready for the next step in your relationship including feeling and enjoying the other person.
my girlfriend and i got to second base last night
by November 8, 2005
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1st base:making out
2nd base:seeing naked
3rd base:touching naked
up to bat: u have a gf/bf
in outfield:single
I got to second base yesterday, and I was hoping it would go to 3rd.
by nidbiff May 11, 2007
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