A simple kiss on the cheek, forehead, or preferably on the lips. Usually a front door kiss, but may take place on a love-sac. Getting to mormon second base usually leads to mormon third base.
Sam made it to mormon second base when he walked her to the door last night. HOLLA AT CHA BOY!!
by mormon_playa September 27, 2007
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1) In literal terms: when the runner, in baseball, reaches second because of an error committed by the opposing team

2) Getting to second base by accidentally brushing against a women's breasts.
1) The batter got a base hit, but the ball was overthrown, so he reached second base on an error.

2) Guy 1: How far did you go?
Guy 2: What's it called if we were making out and I accidentally brushed against her titties?
Guy 1: Haha! You totally reached second base on an error.
by Freddy18 January 12, 2011
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Butt-groping, since guys dont have breasts.
Gay 1: So, did you score with him last night?
Gay 2: Naw, dude, we just got to gay second base, but he had some tight glutes!
by Trap25qeadgd November 10, 2009
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conversation - preferably by both parties and not dealing with curry or bollywood
Man, Nandita and I discussed quantum physics yesterday. We totally reached desi second base, yaar!
by Dan Babu November 30, 2006
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This is the second step to a relationship where you kiss/makeout.
Me and him got to Second Base last night!
by NekoNeoNano June 27, 2015
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A term derived in Southern Ontario, referring to the act of doggy style intercourse where the palms of the receiving individual firmly grasp a barrel constructed of wood, plastic or metal.

Keeping in mind that Kentuckers are known to have a greater level of promiscuity than the rest of North America, where their second base is comparable to our home plate.
Me and my adventurous girlfriend decided to experience a Kentucky Second Base.
by 170 Elgin '07 September 21, 2007
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When a guy and girl are making out and the guy continues to try to cop a feel despite the girl moving his hand away. Eventually she gives in and allows him to reach "second base on defensive indifference."
Guy 1: Last night I got to 2nd base with Sally!

Guy 2: Really?!? She let you touch her boobs?

Guy 1: She didn't want me to. But I was persistent, so she allowed it. I guess I reached second base on defensive indifference.

Guy 2: Sweet.
by PrenticeRedman November 28, 2011
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