A bitchy, jealous person. Someone who does drugs, is a alcoholic, and has sex with multiple people.
"Ew. That girl is competly scuzz"
by be scuzzin February 01, 2009
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An ugly bitch who thinks they are hot shit but are acutally discusting.
ew that scuzz just tried to talk to me!
by jay treaty July 05, 2011
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A drink made of fermented exotic fruit of various kinds.
I had so much scuzz last night, I could hardly get up today.
We drank so much scuzz, we were completely scuzzed out.
by B*Locke July 01, 2013
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A nasty person who is hated by the community but is old and so cannot be moved, people just wait for the persons death.
Mr. Smith just threatened me, he's a scuzz.
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
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someone who generally shops at walmart with nasty sweatpants and a grotesque, skank, stained white t-shirt tucked in. on any given day you can go into wal-mart and see scuzz.
I went to Scuzz-Mart the other day... I saw a whole bunch of skanky scuzz people... I thought I had contracted AIDS.
by killthescuzzmart January 10, 2009
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