the scuzz is a term used for the police - like the rozzers or the dingoes or the filth
-The rozzers are on my back

-Nah mate, the scuzz? Nah i'm outta here.
by derek bear June 23, 2004
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a goofy dude who plays lacrosse, karate, and spazzes out alot, and is the god of dance dance revolution
scuzz defeated all the asians at the mall through his magical ddr powers
by whoknows April 25, 2004
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Scuzz a very very unpopular person whom follows everyone around thinking thier popular. They do coke to be cool, almost anything to fit in.
"geeze that girl named chantal~day at LDSS really is scuzzy"
"wow she does coke! what a fucking scuzzmonster"
by SliM~! November 20, 2007
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a synonym of asshole, as in the body part.
Man, i wanna stick it in your scuzz.
Dude, this shit is coming out of my scuzz!!
by lockert August 15, 2004
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Often defined as a short, malevolent peen lover. Often talks excessively about the penis as though he were one himself. Often hangs out with sergio and watches him while he eats small hookers. Seems to often get a hard-on while watching.

To Scuzz something: To make something become non-heterosexual
Damn, quit pulling a Scuzz dude! You're starting to scare me
by Euth May 24, 2004
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