Any police that turn up just when things about to kick off or shits about to hit the fan. Any cop who nicks your stash, baccy or booze. Any cop who breaks up a fight were the kid getting fucked up is a dirty fucking chav, scene kid or emo pussyhole.
Clear out the scum is here!!!
Fucking scum just taxed my baccy!!!
The scum are raiding drinking fields tonight!!!
by theoneandonlyeyebrowsbutters April 18, 2009
I. (n.) A dirty or filthy substance or coating that carries an unpleasant odour.

II. (n./ adj.) Sub-species of human being; often recognized due to severe lack of intelligence, painful fashion-sense and extreme levels of sloth.

1/. Those lower life-forms that sport burberry and/or ridiculous amounts of Nike brand clothing. This family of scum is often referred to as chav.
2/. Anybody who uses the word 'nigga' or makes a grunt sounding similar, but not exclusive to: 'blud' or 'shank' is automatically referred to by any decent human being as scum.
3/. Anything that kisses its teeth more than once a day.
4/. The vast majority of creatures inhabiting George Green's.
5/. Anything with an I.Q. lower than 50 (or supports Tottenham F.C.)
1. Those chavs around here are the scum of the Earth!
2. Scum: "Izzit coz I'm a nigga? I'll shank you, blud!"
Civilized human: "No, it is because you are scum! Good day, sir"
3. "(kisses teeth) Bombaclat!" = Scum
4. "Did you see that scum-sucking, stinky, fuck-bag?"
"Yeah, 'round here we call them yobs!"
by Mattieu Beckett September 26, 2007
sweat and cum mixed together.
By the end of our long day of fornication, we realized we were both covered in a thin layer of scum
by Tejasvinii March 29, 2007
A member of the so-called "prolyterian masses" who goes around trying to act all gangsta but fails miserably. All wiggers are scum and not all chavs are scum, only chose who insistnetly choose to break the law and beat up on younger kids or OAPs; basically those who they can easily beat up and who cannot defend themselves. Trying to be ghetto by wearing hoodies and "boxfresh" is a prime example of scum as only those who are worthy can wear box fresh. Proper scum wear only fake burberry or le coq sportif or sergio tacchini clothing to be easily spotted and feared by the normal, law-abiding folk or to draw attention to real gangstas or members of the ghetto to pick a fight.
"Look at that scum over there; Orlando, wearing his burberry check."
by Ghetto Matt September 21, 2006
all of which are scum to the treble power
by International Bad Boy July 03, 2004
A common term of endearment found among theatre students
Hey, we have the best scum in our production.
by dantheman August 02, 2003
The kind of person that lives in a poverty stricken housing estate in which people wear nothing but tracksuits and Nike Air Max. E.g. Harpur's Hill or Ballysally.
Guy 1:Wow, she never wears anything but tracksuits.
Guy 2: I know, she's scum.
by NegroYAzul May 14, 2014

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