Boxfresh has been around for along time but normally known as clothes'wear ie. trainers, pants tops, ect ... but recently two very smart gentlemen decided that when they were getting sick of asking there barbers to give them a "box" hair cut which means a fresh trim in the shape of a box which is normally used with a cut throat razor blade, and one day one of these smart gentlemen asked do you think i have got a fresh cut, and the other replied its boxfresh that cut. and that is how the word erupted.
barber "what hair cut would you like sir"

adam" a slick boxfresh with 1 all over please"

barber"that will be 6 pound"
by duttyriddem July 19, 2010
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Someone or something that is new and cool, or innovative in a fashion sense. Originally derived from an impressive new pair of footwear described as being fresh from the box. 'Boxfresh'
Check those out they're boxfresh!
by Neill Johnston October 12, 2005
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