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A social class. Surprisingly (or not) one that crosses all accepted class structures. A scrunter cuts corners socially.
1. Always drops litter
2. Spills red wine on your furniture
3. Goes shopping in a paint splattered tracksuit
4. Leaves toilets in a mess
5. Is an inconsiderate housemate
6. Rough handles food in a supermarket or worse takes the lid off for a smell or a lick.
7. Smokes in public and always throws the butt in the urinal
8. Ditto chewing gum.
9. Spits in public.
10. Crunches large volumes of garlic and commutes by train.
11. Is fat and has the cheek to fly by plane but only book a single seat.
12. The list is endless but I think you get the picture.

** Don't waste a good word like scrunter as a derogatory name for a female!!**
by Brucester April 04, 2004
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1. As above, an ugly minger of tramplike qualities. Possibly slightly crusty of appearance, often found around off-licenses drinking tennents tramp lager. Its etymological root is scrutty munter.
2. Can be shortened to scrunt, or occasionally mcscrunt, to refer to monetary units.
1. Fuck me! Look at that scrunter.
2. 4-pack of Tennents? That'll be 3 scrunts 99.
by weaver April 13, 2005
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a woman who is so ugly that to call her a munter would be an understatement
oh my god, that is a scrunter
by lizzie March 07, 2004
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The anus and surrounding area within the crest of the buttocks, and from the arse crack to the gooch. A confrimed sighting of a Scrunter will be made where, barnicle like spots, bum fluff, unspent skidmarks, and the odd dangleberry is observed.
I've got my jam rag in but you can root me up the scrunter. You are not simply a cunt, you are a scrunter - you scrunt!
by ScruntHunt September 04, 2010
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Dec: "Here, pal, why are your scrunters all so brown and covered in skid marks?"

Rob: "Coz am a minging parmo gobbling smoggy. 2s on them scrunters you're wearin now."
by get aart October 14, 2011
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