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a subliminally racist childrens tv show that was/is adored by many youngins. the show "just happens" to make the asian power ranger yellow and the african american power ranger black. coincidence? i think not!
"dont be a racist just because the power rangers are! thats not cool man!!"
by lizzie January 09, 2005
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usually listen to emo, hardcore (hXc) music. wears studded belts, 'drainpipe' jeans, converse all star "chuck taylors", dyed black hair, sometimes with blonde streak. haircut -very choppy, strangely layered, short - even girls. lots of black eyeliner, big side fringe, only showing one eye. lip pierced on one side. replaces I with 1, O with 0, E with 3, etc.
"too fxcking scene"
scene1: y0 i g0t th1s n3w studd3d b3lt!!1
scene2: omgzz thats w3ll sc3n3 lolz!!1
by lizzie March 29, 2005
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A random exclamation used when on MSN, and you can't think of a decent reply.
Person A: So anyway <insert long rant here>
Person B:Mwoop
by lizzie June 23, 2004
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this person so called nat chan happens to be my cousin!! she is so cool!! don't ever diss her or i will literaly track u down!!!GRRRR!
by lizzie May 13, 2003
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An ugly-ass dick-breathed girl who is the fake Lizzie's cousin. She needs to get a life and stop selling herself for a slut.
Did you see that hoe on the street last night? She was like the Nat-Chan I banged last night--All nasty, crabby, and loose as hell!!
by lizzie May 26, 2003
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a woman who is so ugly that to call her a munter would be an understatement
oh my god, that is a scrunter
by lizzie March 07, 2004
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Well known as the 'funnest place on Earth', 'Where the old roam', 'Where the hoes are'.

Partially right. Florida is extremely boring, old people driving cars got their license out of a frickin' cracker jack box. Certain roads and cities are over run with hicks, hoes, and knocked up chicks.

Supposed to be bright and sunny? Rains all too often, and is hotter than hell at times. I'd say 80% of Florida is owned by damn Disney. MY GOD, anyone here would be sick of Mickey Mouse.
Going down to Florida, I'll bring my sniper.
by lizzie May 27, 2004
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