A powerful forceful punch. The word usually used in boxing. When the person swings with full force. Twists his waist and shoulders round before turning back unleasing a mighty blow!
"He hit him with a Haymaker!"

"A left uppercut Haymaker!"

"The Haymaker!"

by KA0310 December 06, 2006
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1. a very powerful punch

2. any powerful blow, literally or figuratively
(from the wide stroke of a scythe cutting hay)
He gave him the old haymaker when he got in his face.
by The Return of Light Joker April 21, 2008
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All of the other definitions are false or sexual, let me clear things up. A Haymaker is a punch that is similar to a hook, but instead of the elbo bent at around 100 degrees, the elbo is only slightly bent (maybe 160 degrees) and usually hits the side of the body or even head. Widely used by unexperienced fighters because it is usually the first and easiest strike one can execute. But they can also be powerful if done right but is almost never very accurate, deeming it impractical in most cases unless one really knows what he/she is doing; even though it is so widely used. Unexperienced fighters usually only hit with their dominant hand too.
-Bubba Joe: Hey fag! I fucked your mom last night!
-John Doe: Dude I don't like people talking about my mom like that, she died you son of a bitch!
-Bubba Joe: HAHA! I'm so macho!!!
-John Doe: *pushes Bubba Joe knocking him on his ass*
-Bubba Joe: *gets up and throws a bunch of haymakers and misses*
-John Doe: *Shovel hooks Bubba Joe in the face* HANDSTRIKESFACE!
by badmothabrotha April 20, 2011
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when you get into a fight and you just start throwing punches with ALL your strength.
Mike: Yo Jack got into a fight.
Angel: Dam was it a good fight?
Mike: HELL YEA he was throwing HAYMAKERS at that guy's head.
by GAYWIGGAMICHAEL December 11, 2019
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(noun, verb) 1- the finishing blow in boxing, 2- a sexual act where a man, after cumming on their partner, proceeds to slap them as hard as possible in the face with their penis.
"oh man, i got a blow job from this annoying girl i met on a business trip so after i came in her mouth i totally gave her the haymaker"
by bo2thejangles July 23, 2009
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