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Scrotum goggles; to stretch one's scrotum out with both hands and pull down over the eyes of an unsuspecting victim who is sleeping and wake them up and force them to take a bewildered view through your veil of veins.
Jones fell asleep at the party and since the heat and humidity where just right we decided to dress him with scroggles. It was awesome!
by Blessure grave November 19, 2010
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The placing of ones scrunions (ball sack) onto the eyes of a consenting partner.
James lowered his scrunions over Janes eyes, hence giving her a goggled view of his ball sack, which can be referred to as Scroggles.
by dyavoll October 12, 2010
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Bares similarities to a hug but is in fact a scroggle. elements of twitchy fingers are involved.
"I'm Going to scroggle you good" he said, before scroggling her.
by Jon Scrogs March 06, 2011
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