Farting in public without saying excuse me leaving everyone guessing who farted.
i dropped a where's waldo in the subway yesterday.
by Richard Lankford May 14, 2004
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An internet prank where it shows a picture from the Original Where's Waldo books. You try to find him, but then a screamer pops up a few seconds later and scares the hell out of you.
I showed Where's Waldo to my friend the other day. It scared the hell out of him.
by FlareMan February 14, 2008
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(n) When ladies try to find that "one guy" they're looking for, but only encountering average joes.

(n)The search for the long overdue boy who satisfies a girl's "said to be simple/high" expectations.

A:"What happened to Josh?"
B:"Eh, I'm not interested. He was nothing special"
A:"Another miss?"
B:"Yeah, I'm so sick of playing Where's Waldo. I'm not lookin for just anybody!"
by "Tiff & Jon" from the Cow town December 8, 2007
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Requires three guys and one girl.
When a girl is bent ass up over a table and blindfolded.
One of the men does her from behind never reveling who he is.
He then walks away and joins the other two remanding guys.
She removes the blindfold and has to guess who just fucked her.
If she guesses correctly she wins and has found “Waldo
If she guesses incorrectly she earns another turn from the wrath of “Waldo”

Cheerleaders tend to like this game because they like a good fuck.

Men like the cheerleaders to play because they dont have the Mental capacity to understand who just nailed her so they win another turn.
Kelly's ass is so Stretched out from not finding waldo, Where's waldo now!?
by fuckthatshit April 17, 2007
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When you cum in a condom, then slip it off and hide it somewhere random in her house.
"I pulled a where's waldo on her, can't wait til she uses the mayo."
by Leighsa March 22, 2010
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Where's Waldo is a term used when referencing something absolutely ridiculous so that you do not have to point or actually say what you want the other person to look at.

"Waldo" can be referred to as anything.
Sign at the LGA airport reads : Please be advised, snow globes are not allowed through the security checkpoint.

Friend 1 takes picture of the sign and sends it to Friend 2 with a caption that reads, "where's waldo"
by Croneberg April 25, 2010
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When you are having vaginal intercourse and insert your nuts one by one into the anus. After you successfully insert each nut you go WHERE'S WALDO BITCH?
Aye you fuckin' Hodag cock smoker, I saw you messing around with my woman!
Yeah, what are you gonna do about it, I Where's Waldo'd her ass, literally.

You mother fucker, I'm gonna shambag your car!
by Firework Master December 2, 2009
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