Michael: “Scranton.”
Dwight: “What?”

Michael: “THE ELECTRIC CITY!!!!!”
by Hannah Derosa February 23, 2018
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Home of the fictional "Dunder-Mifflin" paper company, from the hit show "The Office"
The Scranton branch has the lowest productivity in the entire company!
by PLA_Raptor January 08, 2007
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Often referred to as the armpit of America, Scranton is a gray town, peppered with lush trees, an overabundance of bars, churches, and pizza parlors. What makes this barely thriving town so unique is the time-warped mindset of the natives. There are 5 parts, the North Side, which is often ignored, as its residents are nothing to write home about, the South Side, whose heroin supply keeps all the local junkies in check, the East Side, also known as the hillsection, which was once the neighborhood of the rich and fabulous coal breakers, but has since become a melting pot of the minorites, the poor, and the bourgeoisies, and lest we forget, the west side, a wretched place saturated with overzealous christianity and GED-toting scumbags. Green Ridge rounds out the lot as the most appealing section. Green Ridge is nestled away from all the grime, with its sprawling mansions, its top notch schools, and its genetically blessed inhabitants. Now, don't let the appearance of Green Ridge fool you. The worst kind of scumbags hail from this verdant stretch, the rich ones. All in all, Scrantonites can agree on one thing. Sure, the impoverished aren't going to be sitting down to dinner with the wealthy, but that's not to say they wouldn't have a few drinks with them...because remember, in Scranton, there's always a bar nearby a church, as long as you don't mind walking a block.
I'm not from Scranton, I'm from Green Ridge.
by Winston, Harry September 01, 2006
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Scranton is a city in north-east Pa that is, and the only way to describe it, fucked up. Built on coal when that shit is what people used to keep from dying and heat their homes in the winter (even uppity fucks from NYC who think they are a self sufficient planet and could secede from the universe)but has fallen on hard times as has the industry. The people who live there have been festering resentment at everybody while at the same time trying to maintain their dignity and history. Also, it is close to NYC and Philly so intelligent and entrepreneurial criminals set up shop there to take advantage of the situation. What does this mean, Scranton has idiosycrancies that are both cool and weird. Is so fucked up that it cannot be compared legitimately to any other city. And is a place where some kind old granny will fry you up a batch of pierogies with mangoes (green peppers in Scranton) if you ask her nicely, or some meth head will shank your spleen for the last of your warm beer. Was the home of the Molly Maguires, the original gang who fucked up shit old school. Google it sometime.
The urban planning in Scranton is thus: church, bar, church, church, bar, crackhouse, university, bar, church, bar.
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
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Scranton was once a thriving city during the coal mine era. It was nicknamed "the Eletric City" because of its Elitric trolleys that ran through downtown.Although they haven't exsisted for 50+ years...We are still reffered to as the eletric city. The mall of steamtown sucks, its filled with little punks who think they are cool who can't go anywhere else on weekends. So they just reside to the steamtown mall. Its decently close to NYC and Philly, so we get all of their drug dealers since we are so conviniently located in between.There are about 3 clubs in scranton and about 50 resteraunts. Some people seem fascinated with the trains...(usually new yorkers). And scranton has become somewhat famous for trains at Steamtown.No one calls Subs, Subs instead call them Hoagies, and pizzas aren't reffered to as pie's. So there you go Scranton....
Chris : What chu' doing tonite??

George: I'm going to go drive around scranton hoping to find some Hoagies.

by jake_lag July 14, 2006
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Titled ( Asshole/Armpit ) of the country. Lots of coal, stupid people, some decent restraunts and things to do. Some good things came out of scranton. Scranton is better than hazleton, glen lyon , tamaqua but far from good place to live.
Lets go to scranton and go to the stupid bar pool hall

Home of the steamtown mall
by lars February 24, 2005
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Scranton in no way compares to NEW YORK, people who think they are hard that live in scranton, need to take a trip to ny and see how it goes...Long Island is def apart of ny, its that upstate shit that doesnt count. The only thing to do in scranton is get drunk. what kind of place has clubs that close at 2 am, come to ny the night doesnt even start till then.
" I am from scranton and my entire closet is filled with clothes from Walmart "
by JojO D September 19, 2005
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