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1.) A girl's name derived from a consolidation of the gemstone Amethyst and the name Amy.

2.) A girl who tends to allure your thoughts. Her beauty is unreal, natural and elegant and looks incredible even at her worst. Possibly an angel. Hearing her voice brings peace, comfort and a smile to your face. When your eyes lock with hers, it is common to be rendered breathless. You feel drawn more closely to her with each passing moment. The memories you share encompass only the beginning of something wonderful. Your heart soars when you are with her. In her absence, you close your eyes and dream of her close embrace, your fingers intertwined and her soft lips pressed against yours. Everything about her takes your breath away. With her, you realize she is everything you didn't know you needed.
a.) Amisty, your tag is showing. It says 'Made in Heaven'.

b.) Why can't I get this girl, Amisty out of my head?

c.) I don't care if I spend the rest of my life waiting for her; I can't live without Amisty.
by Gaidrius December 28, 2010
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Isa girl who will be the fallback girl and mistake it for being someone special. A misty believes in the end she will be what a man wants and will remain a constant presence in a guys world even if he is with somebody else. Even tho shes always temporary, she believes she will one day be permanent in a guys life. Shes not above lying and manipulating to make sure that her place and her foot stays firmly in the door of this person. A misty tends to get very fat and will invent physical ailments to get sympathy and back in good graces with whom she seeks the pity from. A misty is nothing to believe in or trust. Shes very believable and can cry on cue to become more convincing. A misty can turn any guy against his girl by making him believe shes not faithful if the girl has her figured out and poses a threat in being exposed for who she really is
There is a Misty at work around here but she is only temporary.
That new girl is a Misty and i didnt give her enough credit.

A lingering Misty becomes a musty problem that needs to be addressed.
by KantTrustThisKind July 20, 2021
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